Polished Concrete Floors

At Concas we are experts in Polished Concrete Floors for commercial and residential projects.

Concrete has been around for thousands of years. It is a tough, strong and durable material. Despite this, it does not have to have a grey and dull look or feel. Polished Concrete Floors will give a unique and classy finish, a smooth polished floor that will last a lifetime.

Specialising in Polished concrete floors, we pride ourselves in creating a classic and minimalistic alternative to untouched concrete. Polished concrete floors are highly durable and act as exceptional heat conductors. We use the latest HTC technology and machines to achieve the HTC Superfloor to bring out the strength in your polished concrete floor.


HTC Superfloor

  • Platinum finish
    • This process uses extra grinding stages to expose aggregate. A platinum finish creates a high gloss and is most popular for commercial projects to accommodate high levels of traffic such as forklifts, vehicles etc.
  • Gold finish
    • While this method exposes less aggregate than the platinum, it still creates a high gloss look in the room.
  • Silver finish
    • A silver finish has similar properties to the Platinum floor in relation to the strength and durability. However it has a high quality matte finish.
  • Bronze finish
    • This give the look of a cream finish. It is ideal for less demanding environments as the concrete paste is polished without grinding it away. The end result means that light is reflected in a pleasant way through the room.

Polished Concrete Floors Advantages

Besides its sharp looks, polished concrete floors provide numerous benefits that make it an excellent choice:


    • Low Maintenance: It’s easily cleaned and virtually impossible to damage.
    • Dust and Mould-Free: Its smooth surface helps it resist dust, and it doesn’t support mould growth.
    • Environmentally Friendly: Since it utilizes a material that’s already been placed, polished concrete is considered a sustainable flooring. It also doesn’t require any harmful chemicals to be cleaned.
    • Slip-Resistant: Despite its glossy appearance, it creates a high amount of friction, making it slip-resistant.
    • Improved Lighting: Its glossy finish is also very reflective, which helps improve natural lighting.
    • Ideal for Underfloor Heating: Polished concrete is perfect for underfloor heating it doesn’t trap the heat from coming up


Polished Concrete Floors

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